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Before using this site, read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy carefully.

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1. Approval and modification of the agreement.

If you do not agree with the conditions listed here, you must stop using this website.

We may change the Terms of Use from time to time, in particular due to applicable laws, regulations or guidelines. If you continue to use this site after such change, you accept our Terms of use. We give our site users reasonable time for changes to take effect.

It is your responsibility to always be aware of the current terms of use. Therefore, we recommend that you verify this at regular intervals.

We grant you the right to restrict, pause or terminate your use of our site without giving any reason. This does not give rise to any claim for compensation, particularly of a financial nature.

2. Use of the site and services.

Our content and services are aimed at people who have reached at least 18 years and the age specified in the applicable law. People who do not meet these requirements should refrain from using our site and the services offered on this site according to the applicable game laws.

The content and services offered on this site are not intended to attract people who have not yet reached the appropriate age.

We ask that you refrain from using this website immediately if you have not yet reached the legal minimum age.

3. Services

This site provides information about casino games and the gaming industry.

These services are provided free of charge and are for informational purposes only. This site is not an online casino or poker site. In addition, no bets are offered or bets are accepted.

4. Copyright

The website operator, its affiliates and its licensors possess all rights to software, data, written materials, graphics, forms, images, photographs, functional components, animations, videos, music, audio, text and all the concepts and documentation of Software and other materials. that is available on the website or that is available on this website (collectively referred to as “Site Content”).

In addition, the trademarks and all other trademarks used on this site, the trade names and trademarks of the operator of this site, its affiliates or its licensors (when applicable), and retain all rights to these marks.

Website content and trademarks are protected by copyright and / or other intellectual property rights. You hereby acknowledge that your use of the Services or the Website does not grant you any rights over the trademarks and content of the Website and that you may use them only in accordance with the Terms of Use.

5. Prohibited activities

By visiting this page, you agree to refrain from any of the following activities:

to. The website, its services, the content of the site in relation to illegal activities;
b. Copy, redistribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate or attempt to access the source code to create works derived from the source code;
C. Collect data or information through the Site or use a robot, spider, scraper or other automated means or other means to access the Site Content;
d. Transmission of data through the website or services to third parties;
and. Distribute malicious software, spyware, Trojans, worms, spybots, keyloggers or any other form of malware, logical bombs, hidden files, copy protection functions, CPU serial number references or any other intention device similar to the website, services or users or site visitors or damage the services;
F. Do not modify, lease, copy, distribute, reproduce, publish, license or create derivative works;
g. Make the Software accessible to third parties through a computer network or otherwise;
h. Do not take any action that could damage the reputation of the website, its affiliates or the operator.

6. Your obligations

If you use our website, guarantee and confirm the following points:

to. You have reached the legal age;
b. Use this website as a private person and not for commercial purposes.
C. You have reviewed and determined that your use of this Site and its Services does not violate any law in your jurisdiction that is your responsibility and you are not using this Site and Services for any purpose that may be associated with any illegal activity;
d. You must use this Site and the Services in full compliance with the Terms of use listed here;
and. You will not use this Site and the Services offered there for any illegal or unauthorized purpose that violates any local, national or international law (including, but not limited to, copyright and trademark laws);
F. They do not pretend to be another person or entity;
g. You agree to waive any claim against the website operators and initiate arbitration.

If you use this site on behalf of an organization, company or other entity, you acknowledge that, first of all, you have the appropriate authority to bind that entity to this agreement, secondly, to have read this Agreement and, thirdly, to understand this Agreement and, fourthly, to represent these agreements for being able to accept for this entity.

7. Third party content

This site contains hyperlinks to third-party content, such as websites, services or products not operated or provided by us. You can access this content through these hyperlinks, even if we do not provide them. Therefore, we are not responsible for third party content. By using our site, you agree not to be responsible for this content. If we refer to such content through a hyperlink, it does not mean that we admit it. Rather, you are responsible for evaluating the usefulness or potential risk of such content yourself. You can determine the extent to which you use this content.

For the content of third parties, we do not make representations or guarantees, in particular the accuracy of the information, as well as the quality of the products or services.

8. Game services

This website provides content for informational and entertainment purposes. These include links to third-party content (including online casinos) and gambling that can be used on our site without the use of real money. These games are for entertainment purposes only. In addition, these services are intended for players who are in a jurisdiction where they are allowed.

By using this site and, in particular, the gaming services of this site, you confirm that it is your duty to obtain information about the applicable law in the country of your stay. The ability to access this site is not the same as the legality of the content in the jurisdiction that applies to you.

You hereby agree with respect to the use of our gaming services that you:

You are in a jurisdiction where the gaming services you use are legal;
Having reached the legal minimum age to use our gaming services;
He has investigated and understood the laws and regulations of his jurisdiction;
To be aware of the possibility that our gaming services may cause the loss of your bets and that only you are responsible for the losses;
You have no claims against the operators of this website or its affiliates regarding their losses arising from the use of the Game Services.

Although we offer information about gambling or gambling service providers, we do not recommend that you play. It is your decision if you want to use our services and to what extent. We recommend that you read our information about gambling addiction in this context.

9. Limitation of liability

The operator of this website and its affiliates or licensors cannot be held liable by you or by a third party for the loss or damage resulting from the use of our website or our services by you or third parties. It does not matter if this use led indirectly or directly to a loss of profits, inability to obtain profits or other losses of any magnitude.

The website operator, its partners and licensors are not liable under any circumstances for a loss linked in any way to a link on our website.

You acknowledge that the operator of this website cannot be held liable by you or any third party for modifying, suspending or suspending our site or services on our site.

10. Termination of the agreement.

We may cancel your access to our site and its services at any time without notice. You will not receive financial compensation.

The following scenarios can lead to such a decision:

We decide not to continue with the services or the website or, in particular, to stop offering it;
We believe that you have violated our Terms of use
You have used our website or our services in a manner contrary to the idea of ​​our Terms of Use;
There is another reasonable reason.

11. Full contract

This Agreement contains the entire agreement between us and you regarding your use of this Site, the Software and the Services and supersedes all previous agreements between you and us. You acknowledge that by accepting this Agreement, you have not relied on any warranty or representation, except as expressly provided by the Agreement.
12. Partial nullity clause.

To the extent permitted by law, any provision of this Agreement is separable from the other terms. The inefficiency of a provision does not affect other provisions.

13. Irreparable damage

Violation of the provisions listed here may cause irreparable damage. You hereby agree that, in the event of a breach, despite the contradictory provisions in this Agreement, compensation would not be an adequate remedy for such breach. In this case, we reserve the right to demand precautionary measures, special benefits and legal remedies for which no proof of special damages must be provided.

14. Overwhelming Provisions

All the provisions of these Terms of Use, which must survive by the nature of the law, after these conditions of use no longer exist, they last until their effectiveness is no longer necessary. Explicitly, these are sections 4, 5, 9-17.

15. Disclaimer

No waiver by us of any provision of this Agreement may be construed as a waiver of any subsequent provision of this Agreement.

16. Third

Unless expressly stated, no part of this Agreement is intended to create rights or other benefits for third parties. At no time can we create a partnership, a fiduciary relationship or any other joint venture between you and us.

17th task

We reserve the right to transfer, assign, license or assign this Agreement without your consent. This can be done within the operator of this website, or through a merger, sale of company shares or similar commercial transactions in which the company may be involved.

At no time may you transfer, assign, license or otherwise assign the rights and obligations under this Agreement.




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