What are No Deposit Bonus ?

I am sure you must have noticed all the no deposit bonus that online casinos promote to get more and more potential players to their website. Availing the no deposit bonus is no rocket science. All you have to do is make an account on real player, the no deposit bonus will be instantly transferred to your account and then you can use this no deposit bonus fund to play. Whatever you win will be yours. Have you ever wondered as to what benefit does casino get by offering the no deposit bonus? If you are an old gambler then you must be knowing as to why they offer no deposit bonus but if you are new at online gambling then what I am about to tell you would interest you greatly.

You must be aware of the phrase that lunch is never for free then how is possible that casinos are giving us free money to make more money out of it? Well no deposit bonuses give out three purposes:

To get more and more real player accounts opened. The newbies who directly open deposit accounts do not bother attaining real player accounts because the information they want regarding the online casino is easily available from other resources.  So in order to get more and more real player accounts opened the casino representatives force the new casino players to attain no deposit bonus so they can get the deposit and then start playing once they have opened up a real player account.

Did you know that through the information filled in your no deposit bonus form the casino data collectors make a list of prospective customers who they can use further for future marketing? Yes, its true so if you have given your right contact number while registering for no bonus deposit get ready to receive mails or calls from the casino from time to time.

Lastly but most importantly once people play with no deposit bonus they build a trust on the casino and then naturally move on with making the first deposit with the same casino.

So, it is rightly said that no lunch is free and for sure if casinos are giving you a no deposit bonus then they for sure are not giving it to you without gaining any benefits in return.