No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes 2018

No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes are promotions that are used to attract new players and keep interest among existing players. Just all online casinos have different casino bonuses to attract us players, but the respective sites have of course their own concept of bonuses.

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If we put the word “reward” as a synonym to casino bonuses there are a very wide range of offers. One example is the deposit bonus, another is free spins. Common to all types of offers, however, is that you somehow get more money to play for. Most often, a counter-performance is required in the form of a deposit, but sometimes you can get your rewards for free.

It’s a bit tricky to understand just how all the different variants of casino bonuses work. That is why we have created this page. Here you will find all information about the most common types. You will also find the best starting bonuses in our opinion that you can seize immediately.

No deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus It is a free chips that receives two ways:

  1. Sign Up with Free Chips bonus
  2. Deposit money and receive daily free chips to play

To play online casino you need to deposit money (but not at the beginning) and in order to feel that it is a good idea to deposit a particular casino, you will be offered a 99% deposit bonus. This is a welcome bonus, or start bonus, if you wish, which serves as a reward for taking the step to deposit. With this kind of bonus you immediately get a bigger game box. An advantage of that is you can extend your gaming experience. Another is that you can put some more money into the pot when you start playing.

In order to get the added bonus as a no deposit bonus, you usually do not have any tricky steps to perform. At most casinos you only have to make a qualifying deposit (over a certain amount). Once your money has been received, your bonus will be credited directly to you. However, some sites require that you actively request your bonus. What you should do then is to look up a checkbox and mark that you want a bonus offer to be activated. In even less cases, you must complete a bonus code. This is especially true if you have two or more bonus offers to choose from.

However, the latter will gradually become increasingly common. Many casino sites today have two welcome offers. The reason is that you want to attract different types of players. The one deal is usually aimed at those who do not want to risk more than a few hundred folds up to some thousand fold. The other is aimed instead at high rollers who do not go for inserting several thousand pieces.

Here’s how a No deposit bonus can look

Most of our partners offer bonuses from $ 25 dollars to $ 100 totally free, but your withdrawal fee is low
There are two things that say “dimension” a no deposit bonus. First of all, the bonus is always determined as a percentage, and secondly, there is always a big deal. This means that each bonus is designed according to “xxx percent up to xxxx USD”.

A regular variant of the starting bonus is the matched, which means that the deposit is doubled, for example 100% up to 1000 USD. Some casinos are a bit more generous with the percentage and can offer both 200%, 300% or even 400%. The latter is, for example, what Cool Cat Casino offers.

Free casino bonus

free bonus casino Something that’s free is obviously better than anything you have to pay for. A free casino bonus, or no deposit bonus, is therefore better than a deposit bonus. However, there is a chin, and that is, you do not get thousands of chips credited to your account immediately when you are bothering a free casino bonus offer. Rather, it amounts to an amount of up to a hundred dollar bill.

Because the casino does not want you to take your dog racket and imaginably run away with it, the free bonus is always subject to game requirements. In addition, these tend to be tougher than usual for regular deposit bonuses. There may also be limitations on how much you can win / withdraw.

Note that most free bonuses are about free spins. You can read all about free spins on registration and free rounds like other types of rewards here.

To keep in mind: If you stand and choose between a no deposit bonus and a free spins offer, and both offers have about the same value, the former is the best choice. The reason is that you can choose which machines you want to play with your bonus.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are, in fact, nothing more than deposit bonuses that are available to already deposited players. Reload bonus messages can be sent by email and text, and of course they are also featured on the casino’s promotion pages.

Almost all online casinos make the most of the jump on the starting bonuses and are therefore significantly less generous with reload bonuses. It follows that the percentage of reload bonuses is often between 25-50%. Exception to the basic rule, of course, is available, but it is rare to get the chance to double the deposit. Normally, the maximum amount is quite tight. As usual, however, offers that target high-pitchers may be of a completely different caliber.

Bonus codes

For some promotional offers, you may need to enter a special bonus code for the bonus to accrue to your account. Bonus codes are relatively common both for startup bonuses and reload bonuses. The reason you need to fill in them is usually to get the “right” bonus in case there are more to choose from. It may also be that the current casino has a variety of deals at the same time and therefore needs to use bonus codes to control your deposit properly.

If a bonus code is required to activate an offer, you can always find it in connection with the campaign information. You can find it in the email or text message that presents the campaign. You can also find the current bonus code on the site. Please note that you may need to login and go to the checkout at the casino to find the code.

You activate an offer via a bonus code by filling in the code in a special field at the checkout. Usually this field is on the page where you enter your payment information and specify how much you want to deposit. In some cases, however, it becomes a bit more difficult, as there is a special page where you will fill in your bonus codes. For example, we have downloaded from Guts Casino.


Turnover requirements are something that all casino players are phasing over. The requirement puts in the wheel for the goal of all casino players, namely making a withdrawal. At the same time, it is natural that the casinos set limits on how bonuses can be used. The bonus money is actually the casino’s money and a site that is too generous will soon be able to hit the shop again.

A simple definition of turnover requirements is the conditions to be met before withdrawals can be made. The most important condition is that the bonus money and in some cases also the deposit must be played through a number of times determined by the casino. Respective casino is entirely free to choose how the “bloody” claim should be, and there are big differences between different sites.

The main rule for us players is of course that as low a turnover requirement as possible is preferable. There is a big difference between a requirement of 30 times and 40 times! Of course, it is an added benefit if it is just the bonus money to be traded.

Casino bonuses without Wagering requirements

With the above description of game requirements generally in the back, you probably think this title is a little odd. There are no sites that offer bonuses without sales requirements? Yes, there are actually a few. These sites have the purpose of letting you play for your money first. The deposit bonus will then be activated first if you have to completely clear the account. There is no turnover requirement for this bonus. The premier example of sites that use this concept would be a great player.

Loyalty Bonuses

A start bonus, you only have fun once. If you want to season your online casino experience, it may be wise to choose a site that is free of charge with various permanent and temporary deals. It is also an idea to investigate if there is any loyalty program to participate in.

There are many sites that have loyalty programs that can give big benefits to the little more diligent players. Some offer a more traditional concept where each bet gives points while others take out the turns really and create themed adventure with a real depth. The latter type of loyalty program is preferred if you do not play for any major sums. If you sell significant amounts, a regular VIP program is the right choice.

VIP program for great players

Most casinos have a target group that is a bit clearer than others and there is a larger number of sites that are aimed primarily at big players. All players, regardless of the size of the wallet, are admittedly welcome, but they are highrollers who benefit most from the sites. To identify sites for highrollers – look at the welcome bonus’s main task. The higher it is, the more focused on highrollers requirements and wishes is the site.

At all highroller casinos there is a VIP program. The reason for this is that bets give points that in turn give benefits. The score itself can often be solved against cash, but the more important goal for the players is to advance in levels. Climbing a level usually yields real benefits and there are examples of sites that can start offering tailor-made bonuses of the more massive battle, the opportunity to participate in VIP hits, sports event tickets, and more, already on average levels.

Casino Adventure

The sites that build their loyalty programs as “casino adventures” have a much more democratic view of loyalty rewards. In those casinos, even those who play too much modest amounts can get a lot of benefits on a regular basis. Perhaps the best example of a casino adventure online is Casino Roadhouse. Other examples include Casino Slots of vegas and Slotastic. What these sites have in common is that they offer the players to explore a fictional world and perform missions. Typical assignments can be about general sales, sales at a particular slot or activating bonus rounds in selected games.

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