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Free casino games 2021: Casino games for free without registration

Would you like to test the online casinos and do so without cash? One click of the mouse is enough and you will find numerous free casino games on our website. You can enjoy all of the free games on our website without registering.

Discover hundreds of slot machines and table games from different providers

You can play over 400 slot machines and loads of table games with us for free. Look forward to providers such as Netent, Thunderkick, Novoline, Microgaming and many others. The industry giants gather here want to be discovered. Every developer knows that hardly anyone buys a pig in a poke. All the more positive for you that you can try out all the casino games in demo mode.

You don’t have to give out any sensitive data and discover numerous new highlights of online casinos.

The world of casino games is big. Hardly anyone wants to invest a lot at the beginning, especially not while they are still in practice mode. That’s why you play with us completely free of fees and registrations. The best thing to do is to take a look at the online casinos and see for yourself.

All of the free slots that you can find with us are identical to those machines that are offered in the online casino. The only thing is that the stakes are sometimes a little different because the casinos work with different versions. However, the basic principle of the slots is the same.

If at some point you no longer want to gamble in demo mode, you can switch to real money mode at any time. With one click you are in the real money casino and nothing stands in the way of playing.

Free casino games 2021: Casino games for free without registration

Table games classics are also fun in demo mode: An overview

Who says slots are all fun. On the contrary, players can play a lot of table games for free with us. Games like Pai Gow, Let it Ridepoker, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Blackjack and Poker are available in different versions. After all, a professional also wants to try out new variations and keep practicing.

Why should you start in demo mode and not directly in real money mode?

Free casino games 2021: Casino games for free without registration

There are many reasons for starting for free as a player. The most obvious reason is that you get to know the game from the ground up. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a new program for your computer or a car. A test drive is always included. Especially with games, where you ultimately invest a lot, it should be clear in advance what it is about. Do you like the graphics? Is the gameplay frugal? Are the payout percentages fair? You only notice a lot during the game itself. This is why the demo mode is ideal for such checks.

Another reason for playing for free is that you should read the rules of the game carefully beforehand. How does the slot work? What setting options are there. Slot machines are not complicated, but in the past there have been people who clicked themselves. For example there are max bet buttons. Sometimes the slot starts immediately after you have pressed it. Not once did it happen that 100 euros or more was blown into the wind. Such inconveniences can be avoided if you look at everything in demo mode without risk.

In addition, playing for free is ideal for those who do not know the rules of table games. Here you should only switch to real money mode when everything is clear. Especially with games such as blackjack and poker, the player should practice beforehand and not bet everything on one card. Roulette is easier because there is less to go wrong with it. The gambler can intervene in card games, but only if he has mastered the rules.

It is best to play the table games for free until you are sufficiently routine and really know everything about the game. Just try it out in real money mode, it doesn’t help with table games. You risk a lot unnecessarily. Practice makes perfect, in these games double and triple.

There is another reason why you should play for free. We are talking about strategies. In some games there are tactics that are useful, others are unnecessary. Some gamblers don’t want to believe that and invest a lot of money. Try the tricks in the demo mode and you will find that not all that glitters is gold. A good example is Martingale. Many have no idea how much cash you can lose in a short period of time with this strategy. Since the stake is doubled round by round, with a starting stake of 1 euro you will be bankrupt in a few rounds. You can get rid of over 500 euros in a short time and probably won’t make big bucks by then. If so, congratulations. Many users lose a lot and end up getting very angry.

We are already presenting hundreds of titles for you so that you can get started free of charge and without registration. If you do not want to commit to an online casino yet, we recommend that you play via our website. This also makes sense if you want to test different provider games. If you register in an online casino, you have to accept the offer that is there. If the provider you actually wanted to play does not exist there, you have registered for free. Therefore, it makes more sense to do a test in advance without registering.

We are regularly expanding the range of games so that you can also play the latest slots for free. Stop by again and again and immerse yourself in the unique world of casino games. Once inside, you’ll love the numerous slot machines. After all, this also distracts a little from everyday life.

What games are offered and are there free from all developers?

Free casino games 2021: Casino games for free without registration

There is hardly a provider that does not provide free slots. That is why you are spoiled for choice. For example Book of Dead, Starburst, Bonanza, Mega Moolah and thousands of others. The slot machine games are divided into different genres. For example in book games or fruit machines. Book games are all about books. For example: Book of Ra, Book of Dead, Magic Book etc. Fruit machines are again retro slots that are kept simple and are usually filled with fruit. Retro fans get their money’s worth here. Newfangled games also delight the mind. Aliens, magical beings, underwater adventures, rock slots and much more. There is hardly anything in the online casino that does not exist.

You can also play some licensed slots for free. Some providers produced special free slot machines that revolve around film heroes and series characters. Terminator, Dirty Dancing, South Park, Game of Thrones and whatever their name is. Fans of these series and films are of course immediately there and want to try out the machine. If you don’t want to play with real money, you can also enjoy the slots for free. No problem.

Some machines have to play gamblers for free because there are no longer any real money games. This is because the licenses have expired in some countries. For example at the Novoline games in Germany. These slots are not a problem in Austria. Likewise in Switzerland. Novoline games are currently illegal in Germany, as are the Merkur titles. But there are small detours. More and more slots are being released under a different name or by a different developer. So fans can continue to enjoy their favorite slots, even in real money mode. In any case, you can play many games for free that no longer exist in the casinos.

Can the free games also be played on the smartphone?

Many free games can now also be played on smartphones. But not all. This is because some have not yet been reprogrammed in html5. Some are only available in Flash. Flash works on some devices and doesn’t work on some. Here it depends on the respective smartphone. We made the experience that some slots work better on smartphones than on computers. We were asked to activate Flash on the laptop. This was not necessary on the cell phone.

Flash will soon say goodbye completely. That probably means the end of some games that have not yet been converted. Unfortunately, we cannot say which games it will affect because there are thousands. The classics that you see in the online casino are certainly not affected because they are already suitable for mobile use. Html5 means you can play the games on Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry with no problem. Tip: Be sure to play on a secure, fast connection. So that the game runs smoothly and doesn’t crash. This is especially true for table games that take longer. Avoid public wifi, especially if you sign in and play for real money.

Is it worth switching to real money mode after a while in the casino?

Of course, online casino games in real money mode are worthwhile. Without money, casino games are only half as fun. Hardly anyone plays slots all the time just because they’re bored. The demo mode is there to test new games and learn the rules. Almost everyone wants to switch to real money mode sooner or later, and rightly so.

In real money mode, you shouldn’t play with the maximum bet directly if you are not a high roller. This is of course not a problem in demo mode. In return, you have the chance to win real money here. There is also the possibility of winning a jackpot.

What are the main differences between demo games and real money games?

Since we have a lot of experience in gambling, we know how things go. There are a few differences that gamers may not notice at first. We would like to tell you about these.

Free casino games are different from real money games

Those who play for free play in the so-called demo mode. The operator does not necessarily have to offer a realistic gaming experience. On the contrary: The aim of this form of the game is to show the customer what one can expect from the game when playing for real money.

For example, you would have a strong hand more often in poker. If the user receives American Airlines or a straight flush, then you shouldn’t be surprised, because the demo shows you what such a situation feels like.

With slot machines you often win more in free mode than in real money mode. You activate all the features quickly so that you can enjoy high profits. You have to know that in order not to be disappointed in real money gaming.

Stakes are never as big in real life as they are in the demo

The stakes are often relatively small when playing with real cash. If you gamble for free, you can draw on the full – you can’t really lose.

So while you gamble like a high roller for free, you are much more cautious with real money. And we think that’s a good thing.

In the online casino you are never alone, you can quickly find partners for your games

The advantage of an online casino is obvious. On the one hand there is the possibility to play all games for free. But if you wish, you can also play against other players. If you want to learn poker, start with video poker, later you can try your luck at Texas Hold’em. With slot machines you are alone anyway. But not with baccarat and roulette.

Are there scratch cards, lotto and keno in demo mode fun?

In addition to the classics such as roulette and blackjack, there are also other games in the online casino. Keno, bingo and scratch games belong to the lotteries category, but they are also represented in online casinos. Family likes to play bingo. Why not directly from us for free?

The best thing to do is to get started today and play the slots for free in the online casino

What are you waiting for? You don’t lose anything or take any risks. On the contrary. The free games are already waiting for you. If you later switch to real money mode, grab a no deposit bonus and the free gaming fun continues. Try the games on our site or sign up in the best casinos we show you. Have fun!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why play for free?

Because you don’t take any chances, you can practice the rules or just gamble for fun. There are many reasons to play for free. Check it out, stop by a casino, and get started.
Can you play for free at all internet casinos?

Yes, you can also play for free at other online casinos, but not at all providers. Some disguise their casino games so that you can’t even see from the outside which ones are on offer. Still other casinos allow you to play without registration. Live games can usually not be played without registration and payment. There is a reason for this. Live is live and the dealers have to be paid. That is why it is only possible to take part with one mission. But, you can watch a lot of live casino games. This is definitely a good introduction to the live casino world.

It should be noted that the online casinos do not work with all providers. For example, some only have Microgaming slots, while others only offer Merkur games. If you want a large selection, you should stop by casinos, where several hundreds or thousands of games are offered.

What games can you play for free?

As a rule, you can play all slot machines as long as they are offered free of charge. Mostly table games too. Live casino games are usually excluded because real dealers work here and they have to be paid.

Can I also play the free games on my smartphone?

Yes, many slot games can also be played on smartphones, tablets and the like. It should be noted, however, that there are old versions of the game that no longer run on modern devices. If the titles are new, this shouldn’t be a problem.

How do the games differ when I play with play money or real money?

The odds are sometimes different and players cannot win a jackpot. Because it is a demo mode. Basically, the slot machines are identical, so that you get a foretaste.

Free casino games 2021: Casino games for free without registration

Casino Bonus: All online casino bonus offers compared.

Welcome bonus, deposit bonus, bonuses to all games and bonuses for birthday: casino bonus here, casino online bonus there! But don’t lose sight of the big picture now! Because if that doesn’t happen to the other players, you can’t afford it either. Read on for exactly the casino bonus info you’ve been missing.

Why does a casino bonus mean more winnings?

Regardless of whether you’ve been roaming the world’s online casinos for years or you’re new to this entertainment niche, you’ve probably noticed that it’s all about bonuses! They are indispensable in every online casino, because they actively increase the chances of winning – a good bonus used correctly can be decisive.

And all people who play in online casinos have one thing in common: they want to win. Because in addition to first-class entertainment, this is exactly where the decisive, big incentive lies: to generate an income in a playful way and, with a little luck, to clear more than you could ever have earned in a normal job.

What different bonuses are there in the online casino?

Casino bonuses are super important if you are serious about winning. As is so often the case, however, you need to be very knowledgeable to get the most out of an advantage. Here is a little dictionary of casino bonuses!

What is a deposit bonus?

Deposit bonus means that you get a certain percentage of the sum you just paid in as a gift from the online casino on top of that.

Example: You deposit € 100 and there is a welcome bonus of 10% – 10% of € 100 is € 10. So after your deposit you have not only € 100, but € 110 in credit in your account.

An online casino would like to encourage players to deposit. Those who follow the call will be rewarded and, depending on the amount deposited, increase their chances of winning and their gaming fun considerably.

In addition, the online casinos distinguish themselves even more clearly and positively from the terrestrial gaming halls – because nobody there thinks of giving a player something in addition to his starting capital.

What is a no deposit casino bonus?

Of course, it gets even better if you receive money for free even without start-up capital, i.e. without having to pay anything yourself. Sounds too good to be true? But there is! And of course, it is precisely such bonuses that are particularly beneficial for players who are determined to win.

All you have to do to receive a no deposit casino bonus is sign up and you can start working towards your winnings with real free money.

There is also an up-to-date list of online casinos that offer such a no deposit bonus!

Still wondering what’s the catch? After all, online casinos have to make a profit themselves. Therefore, always take a close look at the wagering requirements for a bonus without a deposit so that you are always up to date and know exactly which rules apply and which conditions are attached to the bonus. If the conditions are not met, the bonus or the winnings from it are gone again.

What are free spins?

It is not only through credit that you can significantly increase the probability of making a hefty profit. You can also do this with another type of tool: with free spins!

Certainly this only applies if you focus on success with slot machines, because free spins are useless in the live casino area. At the right slot, with the right strategy and a little luck, they can make a massive difference, because with every free spin the chances of more and better paylines, more helpful in-game features and also of the jackpot increase. And all of this without having to invest your own money!

Sounds like a lucrative strategy? We also present further tips about free spins – for example: where you can get how many free spins!

What is a high roller bonus?

In gaming jargon, high rollers are those players who generally bet more money than the average and also play more. Not only do they increase their own chances of winning significantly, but they also reap higher average winnings.

Since they also run the risk of losing a lot, they are of particular interest to online casinos. In order to attract high rollers, there are special bonuses and other special treatment for them, such as B. an invitation to certain VIP areas.

More worth knowing about the topic of high roller bonuses is, for example, from which deposit amount you are considered a high roller and which online casinos are most advantageous for such players.

Do you get a birthday bonus in the casino?

Everyone has a very special day of honor, and although it unfortunately only comes once a year, good online casinos know exactly how to give a player a present on his birthday. With a birthday bonus of course!

Since you usually have to verify your account and your identity, the online casinos usually already know which player’s birthday is and when. Cheating through the documents is also not possible.

Is there a any slot machine bonuses?

Almost everyone loves to gamble on slot machines – a good opportunity for online casinos to create an extra incentive in the form of a slot machine bonus.

Most bonuses are actually intended for playing on slots – or at least they are designed in such a way that the most popular and most frequently used slots are not excluded by bonus terms and conditions.

Good news: we have managed to agree some exclusive slot machine bonuses with our partners, the online casinos!

Is there a video poker bonuses?

Poker is one of the most famous casino games and the virtual version of the game, video poker, is accordingly popular.

The great thing about it is that you don’t compete against other players and the game is otherwise similar to the uncomplicated slot games. There is also an extra bonus for players who prefer this game.

In order to find and use such an offer, you have to invest some time and comb through the online casinos – how good that we have already done this work for you!

Our team found out which online casinos offer a video poker bonus.

Is there a roulette bonus?

Since roulette is so popular, there is of course a bonus specially designed for the game of the kettle. You can win a lot of money at roulette, but the whole thing becomes all the more promising if you apply a good bonus correctly and thus increase your luck directly.

We have also set up a separate page with a table for the currently offered roulette bonuses, from which you can quickly and easily find out which online casinos are best for playing and winning at roulette.

Do you feel like it? Then grab a roulette bonus right away!

Can I get a blackjack bonus?

This is where the casino bonus gets really interesting – because, as everyone knows, blackjack is one of those games that are not just 100% random.

With brains and a little luck you can increase your chances of winning at blackjack extremely and if you then also get a blackjack bonus – then it is almost certain that you can really win, or not?

See for yourself! There are some online casinos with some exclusive blackjack bonuses. If you do it right, your chances of making big money fast have never been better!

Note the bonus conditions

Don’t take any chances, just play the bonus safely. We explain how to avoid the various pitfalls in the casino.

  • Pay attention to the payment method used

More and more casinos want to motivate players to use alternative payment methods such as e-wallets. If you are still hesitating, then you should know that these solutions are really much more beneficial. In order to convince you to use them, the casinos attach certain bonuses to them. This means that you can only use the bonus if you use Neteller, for example. You should always check that your bet is valid.

  • Compatibility with the game

The bonuses are then often linked to certain games. For example, some online casinos offer welcome bonuses that you can only use on slot machines. Trying to play another game, such as video poker, may not work. To know the list of games that accept the welcome bonus, just read it briefly or ask customer service.

  • Make your commitment

This condition is the most misunderstood condition. On the one hand, there is a so-called minimum turnover clause. This says how often you have to wager the bonus received. The turnover is not to be equated with the profit, but the amount of all bets made with the bonus is added up. Example: If you play 10 rounds and win € 1 one after the other and then lose, you end up with the same credit, but with a turnover of € 10. On the other hand, you may not exceed a maximum amount with your stake. Often, stakes with a bonus are limited to a maximum of 5 euros per round

  • The moment of payment

When you have reached the minimum wagering requirement, you can withdraw your funds. This is a very good thing, but beware of a bonus, the amount of your payout is often limited. You can read all of this in the bonus terms and conditions. But the limited payouts are also impressive, because they often amount to several thousand euros.

So you get your bonus instantly

So we’ve convinced you of the importance and undeniable benefits of casino bonuses – and now you want to get started right away, don’t you? That’s how it’s done!

You have two options for finding different types of attractive bonuses. First, you can visit one or more online casinos that you are already registered with. Take a look around the pages there, especially for promotions, promotions or directly at your favorite games. You can also ask customer service about the bonuses or check out the latest newsletter.

As a second option, you can have a look at our tables on the pages that we have set up for every important casino bonus, because there we have already compiled the providers that we know offer corresponding bonuses. You can also benefit from our exclusive bonus deals in this way.


Slots Bonus – The best casinos to play with

The slot machines, in the online casinos, are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the insane graphics and technology. There are now thousands of slots. So that you can try some of them out, we have negotiated exclusive casino bonuses for slot machines!

did you know that?

You may not have been aware of this, but as soon as you step into an online casino you will be presented with a multitude of promotional offers. These are mainly advertising for particularly new or popular games or for bonuses.

These are highlighted by the casinos because they are undeniable advantages that set them apart from other establishments. The bonuses themselves are mostly intended for slot machine enthusiasts. You will find out for yourself if you look at the list of invalid games for bonuses, which is adjusted for each game of the online casinos. Often times you will find that the slot machines are almost never banned.

Slots Bonus - The best casinos to play with

Bonus mostly for slots

If you see that your casino has a bonus available and it has a high odds such as 300% or 400%, you can assume that this bonus applies to slot machines.

Roulette or blackjack players do not want to give so much bonuses to online casinos. For what reason? Simply because these games make it easier to strategize in order to win. In the case of slot machines, on the other hand, players can only rely on their luck.

You will also find here that the best slot machine bonuses are mostly the welcome bonuses that you can activate with your first deposit. There are casinos that offer several thousand euros. You can find these in our table, in which we list the most attractive casino bonuses.

Our ranking

Our ranking of course refers to the bonuses that you can get on slot machines.

We get a lot of questions about the first places. You need to know that we don’t just consider the highest bonus factor. We rate the overall quality of the casino games, including of course the slot machines. And in that regard, we can only bow to the extensive casino selection on the net.

If you have found a slot machine bonus that you find interesting for the gaming community and that is not yet on our list, you can contact us so that our team can analyze the bonus.

HighRoller Bonus – The best online casino bonuses

We are going to explain to you in detail here what the High Roller Casino bonuses are, so that you are absolutely sure if you want to activate them. At the same time we have exclusive HighRoller Bonus from the best online casinos on offer!

What is a high roller bonus?

As you move into the gambling community, you will find that there are several definitions of the term “high roller” depending on the game you are playing. In poker, for example, high roller is more likely to refer to a tournament, while in an online casino, the term is more related to a bonus. We would like to address the latter definition.

Because high roller bonuses are common in online casinos. These are special offers, mostly for players at slot machines with a high payout rate, recognizable by the impressive bonuses. The sums that are offered cannot be dismissed out of hand. In order for a player to receive a high roller bonus, he of course also has to make a deposit himself. If you like to play with a bonus, you should not hesitate to use the high rollers, as you can often get sums of up to several thousand euros. But we don’t want to withhold from you that in order to receive that much money from the casino, you have to make a correspondingly large deposit. For this reason, the high rollers are primarily intended for gamers on a budget. Of course, if you are a player on a budget you can still activate this bonus. However, the amount offered by the casino may be lower.

no deposit roulette bonus

The terms of the high rollers

As an aside, we would like to note that when you play with a high roller bonus, you have to make a certain number of mandatory wagers, which increases when you activate other bonuses. Because the more money you get, the more bets you have to make. But be careful: the advantage here is that the amount that can be paid out that you can win is much higher. It is not uncommon for you to be able to withdraw up to tens of thousands of euros. If that doesn’t make you happy!

Our ranking of the high rollers

In our table we have listed what we believe to be the most important bonuses that we consider to be the most beneficial. If you’re a gamer, your best bet is to try all of them. All you have to do is register at each casino. It can be a nuisance with a few specific ones, but it actually only takes a few minutes.

You need to know that all the bonuses have already been tested by the editors and therefore you can be sure of getting what it says on this page.

Free Spins: Our casinos have the best free offers

The casino fans, who have been following our guide since the beginning, will be happy to learn that we can now also offer free spins for slot machine fans. Because at users can access a wide range of casino bonuses from the best one-armed bandits on the net free of charge. If you appreciate the work of certain renowned developers such as Net Entertainment, Saucify or Microgaming, we would like to invite you to take advantage of one of the free spins casino in the list below. But what are the free spins used for?

Free Spins: Our casinos have the best free offers

More winnings: The Free Spins allow us to get more winnings out of the games

Before you choose the free free spins offers from our partner casinos, you should ask yourself what free spins actually are. With a free spin or a free round you can play longer on one or more slot machines. Because you receive an additional credit for this, which is made available to you by the casino. In order to receive credit for casino free spins, no deposit is usually required.

Free spins often make it possible to discover and test a slot machine that you are not familiar with. But of course, users can also use the free rounds with real money. In this case, you will enjoy all the advantages of an online game: if you win in a free round, you can keep this win, provided you meet a few specific conditions. To find out more about them, you should contact the providers directly.

Risk-free games: Use free spins in the casino to get to know games without risk

Online casino free spins should not be ignored by any player, on the contrary. You can have fun for free without losing any money. The only consideration the provider could ask for is that you sign up on their site. That’s all. At least that is the case with the free spins without a deposit. We therefore recommend beginners or anyone who has just discovered the world of online casino games to take advantage of this wide range of offers.

Free Spins are an easy way to get familiar with certain games and have fun without a Sword of Damocles hovering over your head ruining that experience. It’s also a good and free way to catch a glimpse of the real money games yourself and stay safe. Some providers even offer new players a welcome package of free spins and other bonuses to get their luck on the move.

Free Spins: Our casinos have the best free offers

Longer playing time: With the Casino Free Spins you can have fun with the games for longer

Finally, Casino Free Spins also and above all allow you to extend the playing time of the games. If your bankroll is low, you are likely to be frustrated because you may not have had the opportunity to try out all of the content the slot machine has to offer. With the online casino free spins this fear is a thing of the past. Your video gaming experience has never been better!

If you want to extend the game time or delve deeper into the story without ruining yourself, then this type of bonus is for you. However, always remember to read carefully the terms and conditions associated with the free round bonuses. Sometimes you will only receive credit if you wager a certain minimum amount or if you observe a certain number when spinning the reels. There are many different free spins bonuses available. We’ll help you differentiate them.

Free Spins No Deposit – The chance to win without investing

The no deposit free spins are the creme de la creme of free spin bonuses. Because playing slots for real money without risking your own euros is of course tempting. There the free spins will be credited to you immediately after registration. Accordingly, they are not as easy to find as the free spins that you get with your own stake. But we are happy to help you find a casino with free spins that does not require your own deposit.

We would like to refer to our reviews for this. When it comes to current no deposit free spins 2021, check out the latest offers here. But if you are ready to make a first deposit, the welcome bonus is usually a bit more generous. In the bonus table in the review, we always indicate whether it is free spins without a deposit, or whether you have to make a deposit .

What would a typical free spins casino be? Find the best providers in our list

At the top of our TOP list you will always find a free spins casino that suits your taste. These providers have been tested by us and all promotions that are offered there are guaranteed to work!

You can also find the wagering requirements directly in the table. The factor indicates how often the customers have to wager the winnings from the free spins in the casino for each offer. Only then can you really have any winnings paid out to your account. These bonus terms are different in every free spins no deposit casino.

Free Spins: Our casinos have the best free offers

No Deposit Bonus Casino 2021

There is always a lot going on in the online casino world and 2021 is no exception!

Rather, the opposite is true: hundreds of providers are constantly updating their bonuses and promotions, including one lucrative no deposit bonus or another.

Which Online casinos currently offer a no deposit bonus? What do you have to do to get this bonus and how much money and fun do you get exactly? Are there any captures and, if so, which ones? What about the current legal situation? Will the regulations in the United States and the United Kingdom change in 2021? How does this affect the no deposit bonuses?

The internet offers many answers, but especially when you ask such specific questions, the answers are often not so easy to find. We want to make it easier for you to keep a full perspective even in 2021 so that you don’t miss out on a promising bonus without a deposit. On this page, we have compiled all the relevant information on the topic of no deposit bonuses in 2021 for you.

Scroll down and take advantage of our basics and tips, let us explain the most important things to pay attention to, and take a look at the current no deposit bonus offers from 2021 that we can recommend to you.

What is a no deposit casino bonus?

A no deposit bonus is real money credit playable at an internet casino provider, which the player receives completely free of charge, without having to provide any monetary considerations, such as making a deposit.

So that you can get started right away with a full overview of the facts, we have summarized what we think are the most important key points on the subject of no deposit bonuses. All the details on what, how, who, where and when will be explained in detail below, but first some key facts!

Good to know! A no deposit bonus is usually:

  1. completely free from the risk of loss – you can’t lose money!
  2. A Little bit weird
  3. can only be used for a limited time
  4. linked to initial registration at an online casino
  5. part of the welcome bonus for new players
  6. not a high amount
  7. either in the form of initial credit or free spins
  8. Available with a bonus code, although some don’t need a code!
  9. subject to bonus conditions (for example, only one bonus per household, pc, ip, etc)
  10. linked to wagering requirements (i.e. amount must be played x times)
  11. can only be used for slot machines, sometimes only for certain slots
  12. these are usually slot machine hits like Cleopatra, Buffalo, Starburst, Mega Moolah

No Deposit Bonus Casino 2021

Why is there a no deposit Casino bonus?

A no deposit Casino bonus is nothing more than a marketing measure from an online casino perspective. And what exactly do the suppliers expect from it? They want registration and membership in their online gaming room to be attractive to you as a player!

Exactly: as a player, you are the highest good of all to online casino operators. And in case you haven’t noticed: the competition in this industry has gotten so tough in recent years that online casinos simply have to constantly invent something to stand a chance. If players run away (or even stay away!), You can pack into the difficult world of online gaming!

That is why online casinos need to continue to attract new players and keep their existing customers happy. And what motivates you to play more than a good free bonus?

What is the problem with the no deposit casino bonus?

It’s good that you think so critically: who is giving away money these days? You are right to question the fact that online casinos do not award any deposit bonuses without good reason.

We deliberately chose the word “given” here, because strictly speaking, a no deposit bonus is not a gift. You get the money without having to give anything for it, but you still have to register at the online casino. Then you can play for free but to take the money you must meet certain basic requirements such as if you were betting your own money, ID, KYC requirements, mail, telephone, etc.

This is where the keyword bonus conditions come into play. If you want to have a bonus or the resulting winnings in the form of real dollars in your bank account, you must request payment at the online casino. However, you can only do this if you have met the bonus conditions and wagering requirements.

What this exactly means is explained in detail in a separate paragraph below. However, we want to make one thing clear in advance: you cannot lose anything with a no deposit bonus!

Who can get a no deposit bonus?

Everyone! As already mentioned, this type of bonus is often tailored for new customers so that they can explore the new casino with free initial credit, like a welcome bonus, so to speak.

This is usually the case, but not always. While new players get the no deposit bonus immediately after signing up, regular customers can benefit from free credit through loyalty programs or other promotions.exclusive casino bonus

No deposit bonuses vary from country to country!

However, it should also be noted that not all bonus offers are available in all countries. Online casino providers design their marketing measures differently for each country. Based on the market analysis, it is decided which bonuses are offered to which players and when.

For example, in April, North American players at an online casino benefit from a no deposit bonus that is activated with a code. The same code does not work for a player from Canada. In return, there may be a no deposit bonus, especially for UK players in May, that Australians may not be able to get.

Differences between countries, United States, East, and West Europe, high rollers and casual players
Did you know that there are differences between countries when it comes to no deposit bonuses and other bonus offers? *

Certain patterns have been observed in the gambling behavior of online casino users on the European continent. Most Western European players, including the Germans, Swiss, and Austrians, are casual players. This means the deposit smaller amounts regularly, but not too often.

If you attract these players from time to time with a no deposit bonus or an equally tempting offer, it is relatively easy to stimulate more frequent visits to the online casino.

In Eastern Europe, on the other hand, there seems to be a higher percentage of high rollers, players who play more frequently and sometimes make substantial deposits. However, since a no deposit bonus is rarely particularly high by its nature, high-risk players are not so easily irritated by such an offer. You see: there is almost a science of its own behind the question of who is bidding!
In the United States and the United Kingdom, bettors want everything, bonuses, free spins, deposit multipliers, and jackpots.

Free starting credit allows you to get started at the casino with real money.

For newcomers to the world of internet casinos, there could hardly be a better offer – you can explore different platforms for free with the help of a no deposit bonus.

Most of the time there is a no deposit bonus as a reward for signing up with a provider. Not only should new customers be attracted, but they should also have the free opportunity to test the new gaming environment and existing games without reservation or pressure. In this way, new players can decide if they want to continue playing at this online casino without running the slightest risk of loss. Then you can see why no deposit bonuses are so popular with new customers!

But also for already registered players, there is always the possibility of receiving an offer for a no deposit bonus. Since you are already registered, you often don’t have to do anything to get the no deposit bonus. Sometimes such an advantageous offer is also part of a loyalty program or a prize in an internal contest or a giveaway. These are the minimum requirements of a good online casino: Players want a varied and exciting range of promotions so that it is always worth logging into a certain online casino.

Can I withdraw the real money starting balance from the no deposit bonus?

First of all, it is not that simple. but … Until you have met the bonus conditions, the opening balance is frozen in your casino account, so to speak, and cannot be paid out.

As soon as all the conditions have been legally met, nothing will stand in the way of paying your initial credit with real money! Very rarely is there a special regulation that we would like to point out to you at this time. If your bonus is initial credit, this implies that you have just completed your registration and since it was a no deposit bonus, you have not made any deposits yet. The special rule requires that you make your first actual deposit. Only when you have finished + all other conditions have been met, will you be able to withdraw your bonus balance.

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Experiences and reviews

We are constantly in the process of searching among the best and most reputable online casinos for great bonus offers. That’s why we already know what’s new in 2021, and here we want to share our experience with the current no deposit bonuses with you!

Would you like to receive a no deposit bonus and you may have found one or more, but are not sure if it is worth it? We always do our best to find new offers for you. Then we test them and if we can give the free bonus a good overall rating, then we recommend the promotion. Sometimes we also manage to make a deal with an online casino to be able to offer you exclusive offers. More details on that later!
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