Bitcoin Casino | Guide & Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021

Bitcoin’s popularity as a digital currency has enabled a new economy to flourish alongside the existing traditional currency-based economy. As bitcoin transactions become more popular, they have also opened up a new arena for gambling, through online bitcoin casinos.


₿ What are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency. Some online casinos only trade in bitcoins because they have recognized the advantages of a bitcoin casino.

Unlike traditional payment methods, Bitcoin transactions are quick and easy. All you need is a good Bitcoin wallet, the best Bitcoin OnlineCasino site and you can play your Bitcoin Casino games in just a few minutes.

With regard to the receipt of bonuses, it should be mentioned that the Bitcoin Casino, just like conventional online casinos, grants the player a bonus without a deposit. You can read that in every review.

Of course, the Bitcoin Casino also offers an exclusive casino bonus including free spins. Usually it is a 100% bonus, which you get credited to the account immediately after the deposit. So you then have twice as much money to play with and additional free spins. So please don’t worry! Just register and scroll the mouse pointer towards “Play now”.

In the Bitcoin Casino there are of course the same slots to choose from as in any other online casino. The games also include live games and table games such as blackjack (Black Jack), roulette or poker. This means that if you are not averse to a max poker stake, you can also use Bitcoins to increase your stakes in this game.

₿ Is there a Bitcoin Casino bonus?

Yes, there is a fairly large Bitcoin casino list that lists all of the casinos that offer deposit bonuses and free spins. Not to the same extent as other bonuses offered, but a Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus is not excluded from some of the many new Bitcoin casinos.

If you are interested in a 100 percent bonus in a Bitcoin casino, you can read the reviews on all top Bitcoin websites and check the conditions to get a detailed picture thanks to the information. A Bitcoin Casino bonus should not be missing, otherwise the influx would never be so great. In addition, a Bitcoin Casino bonus also increases the incentive to visit the Bitcoin Casino. And, last but not least, a Bitcoin Casino bonus increases the chances of winning. To answer your question: Yes, there is a Bitcoin Casino Bonus!

₿ How to Choose the Right Bitcoin Casino?

You should always consider the following factors when choosing a Bitcoin gambling site:

Does it have fair software? Usually the answer can be found on the Bitcoin Casino website. There are sites in the various Bitcoin casinos where it is difficult to check whether they are demonstrably fair. If this is the case, then it’s best to choose another provider. Real, demonstrably fair casinos will never avoid disclosing everything about their system to you.

Is it legal Regardless of the payment method used, you should always make sure that you are playing in a legal environment. For your own protection, you should especially visit the network of partner casinos and read the reviews as well as the opinions of the end users.

₿ Avoid Bitcoin Casino Fake News

It is important that you always check the source of a particular article. Find out where the news came from. Compare the information on this page with the information on the other websites. The date of publication is often decisive for the validity of the information. Often the information that you find on some pages is just as illogical as if you were to deposit 10 euros in a pure Bitcoin casino to play.

₿ Bitcoin Casino Deposit Guide

In order to be able to play in a Bitcoin Casino Book of Ra, you of course have to make a Bitcoin deposit beforehand. But where do I get my bitcoins anyway? This is a tough question with many possible answers. Even the most inexperienced Bitcoin player can purchase BTCs with the help of a guide for Bitcoin Casino and play in a top Bitcoin casino within a few minutes after following our step-by-step guide:

Step 1: First, you need to go to a site like and get a wallet for your bitcoins. Be aware that there are different types of bitcoins (namely online, software, and hardware wallets), each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In you have a good description of how to choose the different wallets.

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen your wallet, it’s time to get bitcoins for it. You can either have a friend give you something, exchange money in your bank account for bitcoins or buy them from various online sites. The most popular way to get bitcoins, however, is through online exchanges like Mt. GoX, or via bank transfer to websites like Coinbase.

Step 3: With Bitcoins in your wallet, it’s time to find a top online casino that accepts BTC to create an account just like you would at any other online casino. If you are asked to deposit, please select Bitcoin, then the amount to be deposited into your account, and start playing immediately. So far we have only had positive Bitcoin Casino experiences!

Some of the other methods that can be considered are Bitcoin ATMs, which are used to exchange cash for the digital currency.

You can also set up your own mining rig or join a mining pool, where you can get bitcoins for your mining efforts, depending on how effective your computing power is.

Last but not least, you can also receive Bitcoins for various of your services, work or products that you sell. Or you can have friends or relatives book your Bitcoins on your account. Sometimes casinos, like the Bitcoin Casino, offer Bitcoins for free. And even if the amount is on the lower end, it is a good way to use it to warm up before you finally decide to play with real coins.

₿ How safe is it to deposit into a Bitcoin casino?

When it comes to exchanging money for a bitcoin casino so that you can then use the bitcoins, the process should be 100% secure. This means that you should be careful to play in a trustworthy casino like the Bitcoin Casino. Because there are also places where the providers are more interested in pulling the money out of your pockets instead of giving you the opportunity to make a lot of big profits.

With that in mind, there are a few things to keep in mind when making a first-time deposit:

Deposit your money into your Bitcoin address:

If you haven’t set up a Bitcoin wallet yet, you should first create one. To deposit bitcoins, you can visit one of the many exchange markets available on the Internet. But there are other sources, as described above.

Create an account and deposit the money there:

If the casino asks you to create an account, please do so! Then look for the deposit button in the overview. Just click on it and copy the Bitcoin address given there.

Make your deposit:

As soon as you have copied the address, you paste it into your wallet and enter how much you want to deposit. If you want your payment to be confirmed quickly (only worthwhile if the casino doesn’t have an instant play function), please add a higher tax – this will help you process your transaction faster. As soon as this is done, press send!

Depending on which casino you have chosen, you either have to wait for a confirmation (as in the Bitcoin Casino) before you can use your money to play, or you can start playing immediately (if the casino has this Function). If the latter is the case, be aware that you can only withdraw once all of your payments have been confirmed.

₿ What is the best Bitcoin casino in 2021?

On our “Bitcoin Casino List” there was one of the numerous candidates for the Best Bitcoin Casino 2021 who was the most convincing of all the competitors. We are talking about the  Bitcoin Casino. But what makes the Bitcoin Casino the Best Bitcoin Casino 2021?

There are some important criteria that a casino should meet in order to be considered the Best Bitcoin Casino 2021:

The Bitcoin Casino has a Bitcoin Casino bonus
The Bitcoin Casino has a no deposit bonus
The Bitcoin Casino scored “very good” in the security test
The Bitcoin Casino offers the player a fast and secure deposit option
The Bitcoin Casino has an excellent system and fair software
The Bitcoin Casino offers the player a wide range of different payment methods

We took all of these points into account for our selection of the Best Bitcoin Casino 2021. There are certainly other criteria that would be relevant for a comparison, but the points listed above are the main criteria by which the quality of a casino should be measured.

₿ Bitcoin casino reviews and experiences of online casino games

We’ll tell you a little bit about the top Bitcoin casinos. The main characteristics of the best Bitcoin casinos are as follows:

Most of the Bitcoin casinos are operated by some of the best software providers including Microgaming, Betsoft, Play N Go, Endorphina and Aristocrat. The casino with the cryptocurrency offers a wide range of casino games, including slots and table games such as blackjack and roulette. You can also find real live casino games with real dealers in one of the best Bitcoin casinos and enjoy a real casino experience.

With the limited selection of top bitcoin casinos, it can take a while before someone can play the best games from the best bitcoin casinos online for free to check what the casino website has to offer. But there is one or the other online casino among the top Bitcoin casinos that will offer you everything you need for your trip and of course this also includes free slots.

In addition, some top bitcoin casinos offer the option of depositing real money into your account so that you can then play your selected slots and then withdraw all winnings with bitcoins.

In fact, there is a lot more that can be introduced here about the top Bitcoin casinos.

Top Bitcoin casinos often offer you a one-stop shop for every type of game of chance you are looking for, be it poker, casino games or even sports betting.

Most of the top bitcoin casinos took some time before launching a mobile version of their bitcoin casino. But most of the time it was definitely worth the wait. Many casinos now offer a premium mobile version of their online casino games for smartphones such as the iPhone and all Android and Windows phones. Mostly they also run on all common tablets.

All you have to do to access these games is visit the website on your mobile device and play directly from your web browser without downloading any software (at least in most cases). It should be mentioned that luckily you also get a large and extensive casino bonus in a good Bitcoin casino, even if unfortunately many of them do not have a progressive jackpot to be won. Usually it is a welcome bonus. You get an exclusive bonus for your first deposit, which is 100% – 200%. Some Bitcoin casinos also offer you free spins and do (often less good) ones that do not grant you free spins. And even if some Bitcoin casino providers do not offer a no deposit bonus, a 200% bonus is already above the average bonus amount. We expect that and nothing else from the top Bitcoin casinos.

One of the latest achievements in the new and growing world of the casino world are the Bitcoin casinos and that may also be allowed to address and emphasize this.

Another positive feature of Bitcoin casinos is that they try to protect online casino players from the growing restrictions that countries around the world are placing on the traditional online casino industry.

Most of the Bitcoin casinos in our test performed successfully in almost every point, because they could show us the same positive charisma that we have already got used to at the top online casinos. And we’re not just referring to the 100% welcome bonus gifts or the exclusive bonuses after the first deposit.


₿ Characteristics of a good bitcoin casino

The best Bitcoin casinos often have a beautiful design that meets the latest standards in web design. The websites are really cool to look at and the folks behind the casino with such a professional color choice have great and less painful contrast to the eyes. It’s the result of a great job.

The software in the top Bitcoin casinos runs extremely well and there are no problems with loading their own website in these casinos. To come back to the design, we would like to mention at this point that there is no lack of creativity at Bitcoin casinos compared to ordinary online casinos. A modern and futuristic background immediately catches the eye and you quickly notice that you are in another world. This makes it more fun to be in a Bitcoin casino.

There are just as many instant play games in the best Bitcoin casinos. These games are not boring and simple Bitcoin casino games with bad or nonexistent animations, as we unfortunately know in some mediocre online casinos.

With regard to the transactions, it should be said that many Bitcoin casinos offer the player the Bitcoin deposit as the only option. Others prefer to guarantee the deposit in the regular currency instead of the crypto currency Bitcoin. The transactions in a Bitcoin casino are only as fast as it is possible with Bitcoins.

Once a deposit has been made, the maximum waiting time is usually 30 minutes, a time it takes to confirm a transaction in the blockchain. Otherwise, small sums have no confirmation time and are immediately available within seconds.

If you want to make a withdrawal, all you have to do is enter your Bitcoin address in the Withdrawals section, specify the number of Bitcoins you want to withdraw and that’s it. In addition, most Bitcoin casinos offer an extensive and very useful information area about Bitcoin.

We would not advise anyone against making a deposit at a top Bitcoin casino, as the casino deserves this effort for its website, the selection of games, but above all for the live dealer games and the pleasant hostesses. You should really have experienced what it is like to play online from home with a live dealer.

In a good Bitcoin casino, all the games are pleasant to play, especially the selection of amusing 3D slots, and the whole Bitcoin concept offers a unique and new experience that means that you don’t have the traditional concept of waiting times for your payouts need more. And that’s just as well.

₿ What are the advantages of new Bitcoin casinos?

The new Bitcoin casinos have several advantages that should be emphasized. And we want to do that for you step by step. Not all new Bitcoin casinos may have all of these positive qualities, but we are sure that most of the new Bitcoin casinos will have all or at least most of these qualities:

Top Bitcoin casinos are decentralized. Nobody can take your bitcoins away from you or freeze your account because there is no central regulator in the system. You own your money and you control your transactions.

Euro purchases are not taxed in the top Bitcoin casinos. Also because of the lack of a central authority that would regulate Bitcoin transactions.

Top bitcoin casinos are safe. Your payment information cannot be stolen from you. No personal data is required for Bitcoin transactions to protect you from identity theft. And there are no chargebacks – once sent, the bitcoins are gone. The sender cannot reverse their transaction, which means fewer risks for merchants.

Top bitcoin casinos offer you privacy. Since your Bitcoin wallet has no personal information associated with it, people don’t know who bought what.

Top Bitcoin casinos are time-saving. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to put your bitcoins. Be it an international transfer or a payment to your neighbor. With Bitcoin, such a transfer becomes almost instantaneous.

Top Bitcoin casinos have zero or low transaction fees. Since there are no middlemen in the Bitcoin network, nobody will charge you anything. Fees for processing transactions faster or converting bitcoins to fiat currency may apply. Even so, the costs are kept very low.

It is not subject to inflation. The number of bitcoins to be spent is capped at 21 million and bitcoin volume growth is predictable so they cannot be exhausted and poured into the economy like the fiat currencies.

We hope that we were able to give you enough information about the new Bitcoin casinos or the best Bitcoin casinos on the way and that you at least know the positive characteristics of the top Bitcoin casinos.

₿ Bitcoin casino games

Bitcoin casino games can be found (as the name suggests) in online Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin casino games are also often made available for selection in a normal and conventional online casino. Most of the time, the big providers do this, and their websites are easy to find on the Internet.
₿ Which Bitcoin online games are the passionate gambler in the best Bitcoin casinos to choose from?

There is one thing we can tell you slot fans here and there. Among the Bitcoin casino games you will certainly not miss the classic Book of Ra online. It actually belongs to the regular table of the Bitcoin casinos and is one of the many Bitcoin online games that will never voluntarily leave this table occupied by other Bitcoin casino games. Of course there are countless other online slots and slot machines that we will talk about in the following section.

Players who love to sit at a casino table with other players will not be disappointed in the online Bitcoin casinos. Because here too, Bitcoin casinos are at least as good as their predecessors. The most popular live bitcoin casino games include bitcoin roulette, bitcoin poker and bitcoin blackjack (blackjack).

In addition, in a Bitcoin casino you also have the opportunity to play and test countless free Bitcoin casino games in order to get a first impression of the game and casino. This option is particularly useful for beginners, as there is no risk of the real money exchanged in Bitcoin immediately bogging down on the first attempt. Bitcoin casino games should not only be money guzzlers but also bring fun and profits.

We now introduce you to some of the best Bitcoin online games.

₿ Bitcoin Poker

Online poker is one of the many Bitcoin casino games and it offers you fast-paced game action. In addition, it is considered to be one of the best Bitcoin casino games in the world. This highly competitive game requires skill, patience and a certain amount of strategy.

Make sure you always upgrade your game with exclusive BTC Poker resources. The top Bitcoin online games websites always come up with Bitcoin Poker tips and strategies through to helpful poker rules and guides, reviews and anything else you need to give you the ultimate information that will be useful to you later as it is serve to refine and improve your skills. Whether you are a Bitcoin Poker beginner or an established Bitcoin Casino Games player who would like to improve your poker strategy, such additional tips and tricks prove useful for both parties.

₿ Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Dice is one of the most innovative online gambling games. To play Bitcoin Dice, all you have to do is create (register) an account in a Bitcoin casino of your choice and top it up with Bitcoins. As soon as you are done, all you have to do is choose the range of numbers. Here you can either choose a preset range or manually change the value of the numbers and then place the desired number of bets. Alternatively, you can also use Dice Bots, which can do the work for you to save time.

There are very good Bitcoin Casino Games websites on the net that provide Bitcoin Dice for you.

₿ Bitcoin slots

Bitcoin slots have come a long way since the time of the one-armed bandit (gaming machine). The Bitcoin version of this game offers the same thrill and fun factor as in previous years, when there were no Bitcoin online games. That’s why many Bitcoin slots websites often offer this game as a side game.

Bitcoin slots are one of the most popular games and the Bitcoin casino world out there definitely won’t disappoint. Bitcoin casinos have hundreds to thousands of hot bitcoin slots including jackpots on offer and they all come with different themes, concepts and gameplays. Above all, they come with bonus features and games where you can spin the reels more often than you are actually used to. The top slots providers are an important part of the Bitcoin space, which includes big names like NetEnt, iSoftBet, Betsoft Gaming, Amatic and many others. You are all part of the industry today. And that’s just as well. The best thing to do is to convince yourself by picking out the best Bitcoin casinos and testing some Bitcoin online games there. You will not regret it.

₿ Bitcoin sports betting

Believe it or not. There is almost not a single Bitcoin online casino that does not also offer Bitcoin sports betting. Bitcoin sports betting makes it easier than ever to place your bets on major sporting events. Bitcoin sports betting allow players over the internet to access the results

₿ Bitcoin slot machines

The large lobby of the Bitcoin casino slots contains games from innovative software providers such as BetSoft, Endorphina and Softswiss, which enable players to play exciting and interesting Bitcoin casino slots for cash prizes.

There are numerous advantages to betting and playing Bitcoin casino slots with Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is initially undetectable and enables Bitcoin casino slots players to play anonymously online. Second, due to the favorable exchange rate of the Bitcoin currency, Bitcoin casinos tend to offer very high betting limits with large bonuses for the Bitcoin casino slots. Since the currency is not regulated by centralized banks or government institutions, it can be moved much more freely, resulting in faster withdrawal transactions.

There aren’t many disadvantages to betting with Bitcoin or playing Bitcoin casino slots. However, one would be that bitcoin online casinos often operate without a valid gambling license as the established regulators in the world have not yet reached the bitcoin phenomenon. That is why we recommend everyone with online casino experience to read test articles about Bitcoin Casinos and Bitcoin Casino Slots.

₿ What is special about Bitcoin casino slots?

There are some players who do not know that a Bitcoin slot basically has the same function as an online video slot. It is the same with a Bitcoin Casino, where you can also win a progressive jackpot or, among other things, select and play the game Blackjack (Black Jack). In the same way, there is a Bitcoin bonus without a deposit in a Bitcoin casino. Most of the Bitcoin Casino slots can be found in the mbit Casino. They offer you everything a player’s heart desires. There you will also find Bitcoin Poker and Roulette, but also Book of Ra will not be withheld from you.

You can also download the popular Alpha Dog Apps from the Internet. In addition to the numerous Bitcoin casino slots, there are also free live games.

When it comes to the slot machines in a Bitcoin casino, the focus is mostly on big and bold 5-reel video slots. Microgaming, NetEnt and BetSoft are perhaps the best known of the software studios in Bitcoin casinos and create the most and highest quality video slots. Their 3D slots are usually geared towards different characters and have a strong narrative aspect to the gameplay.

Endorphina and Softswiss may not be that well-known Bitcoin casino slots manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer laudable slot machines. Satoshi’s Secret by Endorphina is a one-of-a-kind slot based on the modern world of cyber hacking, while The Emirates offers players a contemporary look at the Middle East by celebrating the fortunes of an oil tycoon. Softswiss’ Cherry Fiesta is a bit easier due to its retro theme, but the 5-reel video slot still offers some exciting spins and decent wins.

Just as a bitcoin bonus without deposit will not be found in every bitcoin casino or bitcoin casino, some bitcoin casino slots from the manufacturers listed above will not be found in every bitcoin casino. The same applies to the free spins, which are awarded for free on the Bitcoin casino slots.

₿ Bitcoin Casino Apps

A Bitcoin Casino Mobile App for Bitcoin Casino Slots is of course an asset for players. Betting and gaming is therefore no longer possible exclusively from home, but also while on the go. There is no longer any risk of missing a live bet due to limited time. Especially at sporting events like the soccer world championship and tennis tournaments, it would be a shame if you had to compromise just because you lack a Bitcoin casino slots app.

The download of the Bitcoin Casino Mobile App for the cell phone (Android, iOS) is not difficult in itself and takes just a few seconds. All you have to do is search for the Bitcoin Casino Mobile App in your store and after downloading it you can play any of the Bitcoin Casino slots of your choice.

₿ Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

📌 What are the advantages of Bitcoin casinos?

There are many advantages that we do not want to withhold from you in this article. One advantage of a Bitcoin casino over traditional gambling sites is that the house edge is significantly lower. This is often 1.5-2%. This makes Bitcoin casinos much more attractive for online slot or live casino players in the long run.

📌 Is there a Bitcoin Casino bonus?

If you are playing at a Bitcoin casino for the first time, the welcome bonus gives you the chance to double your deposit. And the welcome bonus isn’t the only hero that makes playing Bitcoin casino games more palatable. There are tons of other bonus deals available such as the reload bonus, refunds and many others. And! Please don’t forget the free spins.

📌 Is Bitcoin betting legal?

According to our experience, betting and playing with Bitcoins (BTC) in online casinos is still a gray area for players in terms of legality and security. Can Bitcoin casinos defy this trend by offering a service that not only enables a wide range of games of chance with the digital currency, but is also professionally managed and reputable when it comes to player protection? That remains to be seen.

📌 What are Provably Fair Bitcoin Games?

The Provably Fair System can be used to prove whether the cards that have been dealt from the deck to the players have been modified or not. This is done with the help of a fingerprint, which is generated and which ensures that the cards cannot be secretly manipulated by third parties. Neither before nor after.

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