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  • #1 written by KHALED 3 years ago


  • #2 written by Velma P Bro  3 years ago

    I won at Slots Inferno and Mighty Slots about 4 months ago. The first month they said they had been approved $3700.00 S I and $1000.00 M S now they say they will tell them to please put mine on the top so they will come up for approval since it has been so long.
    Who can I go to to make them go ahead and pay up as the other casino’s have that are not sister casino’s with Slots Inferno and Mighty Slots.
    I can find nothing on their site’s showing where to go if you have a complaint. But I would think that some laws should cover online gambling.
    When I loose I loose! But when I win and I know it is all legal and all proof was sent in immediately I think I should be paid.

    Thank You,

  • #3 written by Karen Halverson  3 years ago

    I placed a withdrawal on 4-3-14. And still haven’t received. I’ve used live chat and phone calls. Continue to get the same answer. ” the accounts department is behind. You will receive your winnings once they approve of it”. Takes 4 months to approve something?? I’ve also emailed many times….no response!
    Where can I get action and get my winnings? This is wrong! They take your money but won’t pay you when you win money! I want to turn them in but have no idea how to do this!
    Someone please help!! I need my winnings

  • #4 written by anthony dinoski  2 years ago

    keep getting emails for free play most of these so called free play offers are NFG cant use them at COOLCAT WILD VEGAS SILVERADO SILVEROAKS PARTYCITY what good is this if i cant use this is a scam from them to get a deposit to play ALL COUPONS STATE NO DEPOSIT NEEDED TO REDEEM check out these scams thanks

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