Few programs antivirus consider our casinos as “Viruses, Trojans, Worms”

But the truth is that the vast majority recognize that they are free of viruses

I took the liberty of examining cirrus casino

can test yourself here that these programs are safe

File SmartDownload.exe received on 2010.06.08 16:56:03 (UTC)
Current status: finished

Result: 2/41  Full Report
You can see that 4 of the top 5 Anti-virus. They report that cirrus casino are free from virus.
Conclusion: Cirrus Casino and all the casinos on this site are safe to download in pc
You can access the detailed report from this link
AVG 2010.06.08 Free
Symantec 20101.1.0.89 2010.06.08 Free
Panda 2010.06.08 Free
Microsoft 1.5802 2010.06.08 Free
McAfee 5.400.0.1158 2010.06.08 CasOnline

Prism Casino Full Report 1/19

View Full Report Here

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  • #8 written by Char Davis  3 years ago

    My android Ph will not download, Atlantis Gold Casino , place help? Is there a different apparently for my android Ph.

  • #9 written by Char Davis  3 years ago

    Is there a different version to download Atlantis Gold Casino on my android Ph.? Cause these no bounus casinos won’t download! Place help? Ty, Char

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