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Paypal Review for Casino Players

PayPal is a very well-established and well-known payment solution, which since 2002 is owned by the well-known eBay auction site. PayPal can, among other things, be used to make deposits and withdrawals from casinos on the internet, and you can then transfer your money from PayPal to your bank account. Here we list PayPal casinos and review how it works as a payment method.

This is how you use PayPal in online casinospaypal casino

In order to use PayPal in a online casino, you must first create an account with PayPal. This is free. You then need to provide your PayPal account with money, for example, by credit card, debit card or internet bank. When you create an account with PayPal, enter a username and password. This information is then required every time you log in to PayPal.

Fill in your game account

To use PayPal in a online casino, go to checkout and check if they accept PayPal as the transaction method. If so, choose PayPal and then follow the instructions.

You can use PayPal as an e-wallet and have money deposited in their PayPal account and you can also link your PayPal account to a credit or debit card so that money is deducted directly from the card via PayPal to make a deposit to a online casino. Which solution you prefer is a flavor. For example, if you want to withdraw their game winnings from a online casino and plan to start playing in another online casino in a short time, it may be useful to keep money at PayPal, instead of converting them to their bank account .

PayPal app for smartphones and tablets

PayPal has an app that makes it easy to use PayPal on tablets and smartphones, which is great news for anyone who likes to play casino games in the mobile phone.

The app works both to deposit money into game accounts and pay for goods and services, and you can also receive money directly to the app – for example, game winnings withdrawn from a online casino.

Why use PayPal?

PayPal serves as an intermediary. Instead of, for example, sending credit card details directly to a site you want to play at, you are using PayPal. PayPal is a well-established company and many people feel more comfortable releasing sensitive data to PayPal instead of allowing many different game sites to share them.

How advantageous it is to make use of PayPal depends a lot on the online casino you want to play. At some casinos on the internet, it is free or cheap to use PayPal, while in other online casinos it is quite expensive to use PayPal. Worth considering when comparing different transaction methods is also that some online casinos provide bonuses for deposits that occur with certain methods, which may affect which method is most profitable.

Does PayPal work in Usa EU and UK?paypal casino accepted

PayPal works for transactions between a wide range of countries worldwide, including Usa EU and UK.

Examples of countries where PayPal does not send money to or from Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma and Cuba, however, is not a problem for Usa EU and UK casino players online because none of these countries are known to have any online casinos like are popular among Usa EU and UK players.

What does it cost to use PayPal in online casinos?

The cost of using PayPal for deposits and withdrawals varies between different online casinos. It is therefore important to check what fees are charged to the particular casino you want to play in. Some online casinos charge a fee to cover the fee they have to pay to PayPal, while other online casinos allow you to use PayPal free of charge. Keep in mind that any fees may differ between deposits and withdrawals.

Examples of factors that may affect the fee PayPal pays out are the currencies that the transaction includes, the amount, the amount of countries to which the money is to be sent, and what kind of account users have with PayPal.

Also worth thinking about is that it usually costs money to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account. However, in some countries, including the United States, Great Britain and Germany, it is free to transfer money from PayPal to the user’s bank account.

Can I only use PayPal on game sites?

No, PayPal is not only for use on games sites, but there are lots of online sites that accept PayPal. For example, a large part of all transactions between buyers and sellers occur on eBay through PayPal. (PayPal is owned by eBay.) You can also use eBay to send money between individuals.

Buy and sell protection

PayPal is famous for its purchase and sales protection which acts as a kind of insurance, but as a player in online casinos it is important to keep in mind that this protection covers only the purchase and sale of physical products. You can not use the purchase protection to get money back into a online casino.

Paypal Security

PayPal complies with international standards PCI (Payment Card Industry) and CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) for data protection.

If you receive a message from someone who claims to be PayPal and requesting your login or other sensitive data, it’s not PayPal but a fraudster. PayPal never sends e-mail messages asking for username, password, payment or credit card number, bank details, social security number, or the like.

If an e-mail claiming that it comes from PayPal wants to click links or open files, it’s safer to manually enter the PayPal address in their browser manually and log in as usual. Messages that really come from PayPal can be found in your inbox at PayPal when you are logged in. If a message has been sent to your email address without finding a copy in your inbox at PayPal, you should ignore the email or report it to PayPal.

Frauders targeting PayPal users often try to stress the recipients to make them act quickly, for example, claiming that your PayPal account is likely to close shortly, that someone tried to steal your account or you need to load Home some specific software immediately to gain access to your PayPal account.

paypal dosa Of course, it’s not only PayPal’s users who are subjected to fraud searches, but because PayPal has such a dominant position in e-commerce, there are many fraudsters who choose to specialize in PayPal. At the same time, PayPal has over a decade’s experience of handling fraud searches and maximizing security for users, and on their site you will find lots of great tips and advice that can help you avoid fraud on the internet. Most advice is appropriate even when using other solutions, such as Skrill, Neteller, Internet banking, and more.

Customer service

PayPal offered phone and email support. Phone support is manned weekdays at 09:00 to 17:30.

Email you via the form on the PayPals site.
The international number is +353 1 8998191 (not free number).

When you contact PayPals support by phone, you must identify yourself using a one-time code. You obtain this code by logging in to your PayPal account and following the instructions in the support department.

Company Information PayPal

  • Already in 1998, the company was founded Confinity, which was joined two years later by X.com. In connection with the merger, the name was PayPal.
  • Since 2002, PayPal is owned by eBay’s major auction site.
  • PayPal has its headquarters in California, USA. They also have offices in many other countries around the world.
  • Since 2007, PayPal operates a bank based in Luxembourg.

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