Casino Bonus: All online casino bonus offers compared.

Welcome bonus, deposit bonus, bonuses to all games and bonuses for birthday: casino bonus here, casino online bonus there! But don’t lose sight of the big picture now! Because if that doesn’t happen to the other players, you can’t afford it either. Read on for exactly the casino bonus info you’ve been missing.

Why does a casino bonus mean more winnings?

Regardless of whether you’ve been roaming the world’s online casinos for years or you’re new to this entertainment niche, you’ve probably noticed that it’s all about bonuses! They are indispensable in every online casino, because they actively increase the chances of winning – a good bonus used correctly can be decisive.

And all people who play in online casinos have one thing in common: they want to win. Because in addition to first-class entertainment, this is exactly where the decisive, big incentive lies: to generate an income in a playful way and, with a little luck, to clear more than you could ever have earned in a normal job.

What different bonuses are there in the online casino?

Casino bonuses are super important if you are serious about winning. As is so often the case, however, you need to be very knowledgeable to get the most out of an advantage. Here is a little dictionary of casino bonuses!

What is a deposit bonus?

Deposit bonus means that you get a certain percentage of the sum you just paid in as a gift from the online casino on top of that.

Example: You deposit € 100 and there is a welcome bonus of 10% – 10% of € 100 is € 10. So after your deposit you have not only € 100, but € 110 in credit in your account.

An online casino would like to encourage players to deposit. Those who follow the call will be rewarded and, depending on the amount deposited, increase their chances of winning and their gaming fun considerably.

In addition, the online casinos distinguish themselves even more clearly and positively from the terrestrial gaming halls – because nobody there thinks of giving a player something in addition to his starting capital.

What is a no deposit casino bonus?

Of course, it gets even better if you receive money for free even without start-up capital, i.e. without having to pay anything yourself. Sounds too good to be true? But there is! And of course, it is precisely such bonuses that are particularly beneficial for players who are determined to win.

All you have to do to receive a no deposit casino bonus is sign up and you can start working towards your winnings with real free money.

There is also an up-to-date list of online casinos that offer such a no deposit bonus!

Still wondering what’s the catch? After all, online casinos have to make a profit themselves. Therefore, always take a close look at the wagering requirements for a bonus without a deposit so that you are always up to date and know exactly which rules apply and which conditions are attached to the bonus. If the conditions are not met, the bonus or the winnings from it are gone again.

What are free spins?

It is not only through credit that you can significantly increase the probability of making a hefty profit. You can also do this with another type of tool: with free spins!

Certainly this only applies if you focus on success with slot machines, because free spins are useless in the live casino area. At the right slot, with the right strategy and a little luck, they can make a massive difference, because with every free spin the chances of more and better paylines, more helpful in-game features and also of the jackpot increase. And all of this without having to invest your own money!

Sounds like a lucrative strategy? We also present further tips about free spins – for example: where you can get how many free spins!

What is a high roller bonus?

In gaming jargon, high rollers are those players who generally bet more money than the average and also play more. Not only do they increase their own chances of winning significantly, but they also reap higher average winnings.

Since they also run the risk of losing a lot, they are of particular interest to online casinos. In order to attract high rollers, there are special bonuses and other special treatment for them, such as B. an invitation to certain VIP areas.

More worth knowing about the topic of high roller bonuses is, for example, from which deposit amount you are considered a high roller and which online casinos are most advantageous for such players.

Do you get a birthday bonus in the casino?

Everyone has a very special day of honor, and although it unfortunately only comes once a year, good online casinos know exactly how to give a player a present on his birthday. With a birthday bonus of course!

Since you usually have to verify your account and your identity, the online casinos usually already know which player’s birthday is and when. Cheating through the documents is also not possible.

Is there a any slot machine bonuses?

Almost everyone loves to gamble on slot machines – a good opportunity for online casinos to create an extra incentive in the form of a slot machine bonus.

Most bonuses are actually intended for playing on slots – or at least they are designed in such a way that the most popular and most frequently used slots are not excluded by bonus terms and conditions.

Good news: we have managed to agree some exclusive slot machine bonuses with our partners, the online casinos!

Is there a video poker bonuses?

Poker is one of the most famous casino games and the virtual version of the game, video poker, is accordingly popular.

The great thing about it is that you don’t compete against other players and the game is otherwise similar to the uncomplicated slot games. There is also an extra bonus for players who prefer this game.

In order to find and use such an offer, you have to invest some time and comb through the online casinos – how good that we have already done this work for you!

Our team found out which online casinos offer a video poker bonus.

Is there a roulette bonus?

Since roulette is so popular, there is of course a bonus specially designed for the game of the kettle. You can win a lot of money at roulette, but the whole thing becomes all the more promising if you apply a good bonus correctly and thus increase your luck directly.

We have also set up a separate page with a table for the currently offered roulette bonuses, from which you can quickly and easily find out which online casinos are best for playing and winning at roulette.

Do you feel like it? Then grab a roulette bonus right away!

Can I get a blackjack bonus?

This is where the casino bonus gets really interesting – because, as everyone knows, blackjack is one of those games that are not just 100% random.

With brains and a little luck you can increase your chances of winning at blackjack extremely and if you then also get a blackjack bonus – then it is almost certain that you can really win, or not?

See for yourself! There are some online casinos with some exclusive blackjack bonuses. If you do it right, your chances of making big money fast have never been better!

Note the bonus conditions

Don’t take any chances, just play the bonus safely. We explain how to avoid the various pitfalls in the casino.

  • Pay attention to the payment method used

More and more casinos want to motivate players to use alternative payment methods such as e-wallets. If you are still hesitating, then you should know that these solutions are really much more beneficial. In order to convince you to use them, the casinos attach certain bonuses to them. This means that you can only use the bonus if you use Neteller, for example. You should always check that your bet is valid.

  • Compatibility with the game

The bonuses are then often linked to certain games. For example, some online casinos offer welcome bonuses that you can only use on slot machines. Trying to play another game, such as video poker, may not work. To know the list of games that accept the welcome bonus, just read it briefly or ask customer service.

  • Make your commitment

This condition is the most misunderstood condition. On the one hand, there is a so-called minimum turnover clause. This says how often you have to wager the bonus received. The turnover is not to be equated with the profit, but the amount of all bets made with the bonus is added up. Example: If you play 10 rounds and win € 1 one after the other and then lose, you end up with the same credit, but with a turnover of € 10. On the other hand, you may not exceed a maximum amount with your stake. Often, stakes with a bonus are limited to a maximum of 5 euros per round

  • The moment of payment

When you have reached the minimum wagering requirement, you can withdraw your funds. This is a very good thing, but beware of a bonus, the amount of your payout is often limited. You can read all of this in the bonus terms and conditions. But the limited payouts are also impressive, because they often amount to several thousand euros.

So you get your bonus instantly

So we’ve convinced you of the importance and undeniable benefits of casino bonuses – and now you want to get started right away, don’t you? That’s how it’s done!

You have two options for finding different types of attractive bonuses. First, you can visit one or more online casinos that you are already registered with. Take a look around the pages there, especially for promotions, promotions or directly at your favorite games. You can also ask customer service about the bonuses or check out the latest newsletter.

As a second option, you can have a look at our tables on the pages that we have set up for every important casino bonus, because there we have already compiled the providers that we know offer corresponding bonuses. You can also benefit from our exclusive bonus deals in this way.


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